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Concerns for your kids could affect timing of divorce

Going through divorce could cause you to face many challenges. As a parent, you may have even more difficulties to contend with than those without children. Not only will you need to consider what child custody arrangements you feel would best suit the needs of your children, you will likely also need to remain aware of your kids' emotional states during the marriage dissolution process.

Because ending a marriage is a considerable upheaval for everyone involved, it is understandable for you to want to focus on your kids' well-being during this time. You may feel uncertain how to go about achieving this goal, but considering the following tips may help you and your children work through this life change positively.


Though certain times of the year see more divorces than others, deciding the best time to end a marriage remains a deeply personal decision. If you have concerns about the impact on your kids, you may consider what your children may have going on at different points in the year. For instance, you could choose to go through divorce proceedings during a time when your kids are still in school in order for them to have activities while you attend meetings with your attorney or handle other related tasks.

If you worry about how divorce could impact your children's focus on schoolwork, you may consider divorcing during the summer. This time of year could give your kids time to adjust to the new arrangements before heading back to school.

Living arrangements

During divorce proceedings, one party typically moves out of the home. However, parents may consider living together until their divorce finalizes in order to maintain a sense of normalcy for the kids before gradually making significant changes to the living arrangements. Of course, if you and your soon-to-be ex cannot get along, remaining trapped under the same roof may not work in your best interests or the best interests of the kids.

Custody terms

Though you certainly want to help your children through the divorce as best as possible, their needs will likely also remain at the forefront of your concerns. Therefore, when considering your child custody options, you may want to assess which arrangements could allow the children to thrive and face the best circumstances possible. Each case has its differences, and you may wish to closely assess the needs of your family when making custody decisions.

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