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Fighting back when possession charges challenge your future

A conviction for a drug-related crime can have a significant impact on numerous areas of your life. Allegations alone can be stressful and intimidating, and if you are facing drug charges, you might be wondering what comes next.

If you stand accused of drug possession, there are numerous factors that may influence the subsequent process. With the weight of the potential consequences you face, you might find it advisable to prepare yourself for the road ahead by considering your options for defense.

Defenses and potential consequences for possession

The penalties for possession charges will depend on several factors per Texas state statutes concerning drug possession, such as the type and quantity of drugs that you allegedly possessed. Although felony charges inherently carry stiffer penalties, even a misdemeanor could lead to time behind bars and significant fines. Chances are, you wish to avoid potentially devastating consequences, and some options for defending against possession charges may include the following:

  • Awareness of possession:  Perhaps the drugs in question were allegedly found within your vehicle or home, and you might not have even been aware of their presence.
  • Exemptions:  The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act may approve the use of certain substances, which may offer exemption, provided you act in accordance. In addition, certain substances may have other applications which do not include human consumption.
  • Prescription:  What appears to be an illegal substance may simply be a prescription drug, and showing that you have a medical need and prescription for a narcotic may result in a dismissal of your charges.

If a conviction is unavoidable, the quantity of drugs you allegedly possession may come into play, and proving that the amount is insufficient for certain charges may help reduce the penalties you face.

Obtaining assistance throughout the process

While there might be several viable options with which to challenge drug possession charges, you may also want to address the procedures used during arrest, as a violation of your rights during this process could result in a dismissal of your charges. With numerous crucial aspects to cover, you might consider consulting someone with experience in the area. By seeking knowledgeable guidance early in the process, you could obtain some much-needed advice on making informed decisions throughout this period, which may prove exceedingly beneficial for the road ahead.

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