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No need for divorce wars: how about mediating a divorce?

If divorce is inevitable, you may be dreading the possibility of going through a drawn-out, acrimonious battle with your spouse. After all, you really just want to get the divorce proceeding over with as quickly as possible so you can both move on with your own lives. Fortunately, the latter is possible with mediation.

Divorce mediation is a process that allows a neutral third party to facilitate your and your spouse's dispute resolution. The mediator does this by promoting agreement between the two of you. Mediating a divorce offers a wide range of advantages over traditional litigation in Texas.

Aims of mediation

The goal of going through divorce mediation is to create a divorce agreement that both you and your future ex-spouse accept. You want this agreement to be equitable and legally sound as well.

Mediation is a preferred choice among couples who want to avoid the trauma and the expense usually associated with litigation. It is also helpful for minimizing any controversy and hostility that the two otherwise may have, following the dissolution of their marriage.

Process of mediation

The mediation process usually starts with a general caucus -- a meeting that involves both parties and the mediator. The mediator will share the rules of the process, and then both sides can make opening statements so as to pinpoint issues as well as clarify perceptions.

If either party is overly emotional or even hostile, a mediator can place the two parties in separate rooms and simply go back and forth between them, sharing each person's demands and offers. Another mediation session may be necessary for the parties to finally reach a mutually satisfactory settlement.

Why choose mediation?

Mediation is particularly advantageous if you and your spouse have children. After all, even after finalizing the divorce, you and your ex will still have to communicate and make joint decisions when it comes to your children. Mediating a divorce allows you both to practice working together to achieve a goal and overcome disputes.

Through the divorce mediation process, you can also keep your affairs confidential versus having them as part of the public record, which happens when you go to divorce trial. An attorney in Texas can walk you through the process of mediating a divorce and help you to pursue a divorce settlement that is ultimately in your best interest long term.

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