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Texas grandparents and custody rights

Grandparents play an important role in the lives of their grandchildren, and sometimes, it may be necessary for them to step in and provide care typically given by parents. In other situations, the divorce of the parents could compromise a healthy and vibrant relationship between the kids and their grandparents. Whatever the reason may be, you may be wondering if Texas law provides grandparents any legal rights to custody or visitation. 

In certain cases, grandparents may be able to secure visitation or custody rights. If you believe that it would be in the best interests of your grandchildren, you may take the appropriate steps to seek either visitation or custody. You will find it beneficial to speak with an attorney who can explain your options and help you achieve your legal objectives.

What does Texas law say about grandparent rights?

Every state grants rights to grandparents in certain circumstances. Grandparents may be able to secure visitation rights if they can prove that it would be in the best interests of the kids. A court may authorize the request of the grandparents after considering the following:

  • The child's relationship with the grandparents
  • The relationship between the grandparent and child's parents
  • Whether the child has been living with the grandparents
  • The effect that visitation could have on the child and his or her legal guardian
  • Any history of abuse or neglect
  • Other specific factors unique to the individual situation

This does not mean that grandparents will have an automatic claim to visitation. When seeking visitation rights, the applicant must prove that, by granting these rights, it would be protecting and securing the best interests of the child.

Custody and grandparents 

If the child already lives with his or her grandparents, they may have grounds to seek custody. If the grandparents do win custody, they may also be eligible for child support. Seeking and securing custody of a grandchild is not an easy process. If your situation merits this course of action, it is beneficial to seek a full understanding of your rights and options.

The grandparent-grandchild relationship is extremely important, and you may find it beneficial to seek a full understanding of your options before you move forward. No matter what the situation may be, the ultimate goal is to protect the best interests of the child. When you have an experienced legal ally by your side, you can effectively navigate the challenges that may present themselves to you and fight for your full rights as a grandparent.

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