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A voluntary test that could land you in a Texas jail cell

If a Texas police officer interrupts your travel itinerary by pulling you over in a traffic stop, it may take a while before you're able to rectify the situation and get back on the road. In fact, if the situation involves the officer's suspicion that, perhaps, you were driving under the influence of alcohol, you will no doubt have your work cut out to try to mitigate your circumstances. 

The officer might have witnessed your rear tire drifting over the yellow line of traffic or thought you were applying your brakes at random times that didn't appear to match the current traffic patterns. Such issues may constitute reasonable suspicion that would validate a traffic stop. If, however, the officer asks you to step out of your car and take a field sobriety test, what you say and do next can have immediate and lasting consequences.  

Did a pain reliever prescription lead to addiction?

Most people face struggles throughout their lives in various forms. Unfortunately, some of those difficulties can start out relatively minor and end up with major consequences. For instance, you may have suffered a back injury that placed you in constant pain and led a doctor to prescribe you an opioid pain reliever. However, you may not have known the addictive nature of the drug.

As you used the substance, you may have become more and more reliant on the drug, even when you did not feel pain. Soon your prescription ran out, and you began to panic about not having the drug any longer. You may have tried to convince yourself that you did not need it anymore, but you may have experienced withdrawal symptoms or other issues that led to your taking questionable steps to receive more.

Social media responsibility is a must when getting a divorce

Many adults in Texas have social media accounts. They are a great way to keep up with family and friends and let people know what is going on in your life. If not used responsibly, though, they can cause real problems for those going through the divorce process.

What do social media have to do with divorce? Nothing, yet everything. A judge does not care that you have a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account, but the court may care what you post on these sites.

Texas DWI could lead to an interlock device on your vehicle

You may be one of many Texas residents who have made decisions in life that you later regretted. Perhaps you know what it's like to get in an argument with your spouse or a friend and say things you later think you should have kept to yourself. Maybe you have made purchases that you later decided weren't worth their costs.  

Any number of life situations may place you in a position of having to make an on-the-spot decision, which also leaves you at risk for poor judgment and potential negative consequences. For instance, let's say you get together with friends, have a couple drinks that happen to contain alcohol and then drive yourself home. You may wind up facing DWI charges and possibly having to install an interlock ignition device in your car.  

Do I need an attorney for my custody issues?

It may be your hope to complete your divorce with as little outside interference as possible. In fact, if you and your spouse are able to reach agreeable terms on the most critical issues, you may be able to do just that. However, as important as matters of property division and spousal support may be, the issues related to child custody may be too delicate to handle on your own.

The stakes are very high when it comes to child custody orders or agreements. The final decisions approved by the court may be the ones you and your children live by for years. While it is possible that you and your spouse can arrive at a fair arrangement that is in the best interests of your children, there are certain circumstances in which having the counsel of a legal professional may prove invaluable.

Let's talk about Miranda rules re your firearms-related arrest

If there's another topic besides immigration that tends to incite political and personal debate throughout Texas and the nation, it's the Second Amendment. You may be the proud owner of several types of firearms and staunchly support all legislation that protects your right to bear arms. You also understand that people have the right to their opinions, which may not always coincide with yours.  

There's a big difference between matters of opinion and violation of personal rights, however. It's critical that you understand your rights, as well as the laws pertaining to Miranda rules in case you wind up facing arrest on a gun-related issue. It's also a good idea to research legal support resources in your area ahead of time so you know how to quickly access assistance if needed.  

Working out your visitation schedule and making the time count

When going through the divorce process, particularly when children are involved, you may find that you do not get everything you want in the end. For instance, some parents in Texas, instead of getting sole or shared custody of their kids as desired, end up with visitation time. While it may not be the ideal arrangement for you, you can still set up your visitation schedule in a way that works best for you and your children.

Why might I only get visitation time? What does the standard visitation schedule look like? How can I make the time I have count?

Reasonable suspicion and valid grounds for a DUI traffic stop

In Texas, drunk driving charges can bring serious penalties, even for first-time offenders. For this reason, you know it is important to fight the charges against you and pursue a beneficial outcome to your case. One of the first steps in building a strong defense is to look at the initial DWI traffic stop to determine if law enforcement had valid grounds to pull you over.

When a driver exhibits certain behaviors, law enforcement can reasonably suspect that the person is intoxicated. Reasonable suspicion can come after observing any type of erratic or dangerous driving. At this point, a police officer could stop a driver for a brief investigation, which may include field sobriety tests and a chemical test.

Collaborative divorce may help you troubleshoot and solve issues

When you think of divorce, you may find yourself among the numerous other individuals who immediately think of courtroom drama. Now that you are facing your own divorce, you may worry that this type of scenario will soon befall you. However, that does not have to happen. Many divorce options exist that do not immediately involve litigation.

One method of divorce that you may wish to consider involves collaborative law. As the name suggests, this option involves collaboration between various individuals to come to terms that you and the other party may find satisfying. If you feel that you and your soon-to-be ex can still get along well enough to reach terms amicably, you may wish to give collaboration a chance.

Breathalyzers can't tell wine from beer

In Texas and all other states, having a drink with a meal and then driving home does not necessarily mean you are breaking the law. In fact, it is possible that you may have more than one alcoholic beverage and still be within legal limits.

But assuming your BAC will be within the legal limit because you only had one or two drinks may turn out to be a major mistake. And some assumptions (such as white wine has lower alcohol content than dark beer) are often incorrect. It's crucial to remember that a Breathalyzer test cannot differentiate between types of alcohol; it can only detect the presence of alcohol on your breath. Type of alcohol is irrelevant.

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