Paternity & Wrongful Paternity

The birth of a child is a life-changing event for a couple. When a baby is born to an unmarried mother and father, certain steps are often taken to prove paternity. DNA testing is not the only way a man can be convinced that he is the father of a child. Mothers either make assumptions regarding paternity or deliberately engage in fraud to get the child support they need.

If you are trying to prove paternity or have been the victim of paternity fraud, you need immediate legal representation. The experienced Texas lawyers at Vick Carney represent both mothers and fathers in paternity matters. We provide the guidance our clients need in complex and contentious cases, specifically involving men who were told that they are biological fathers when the opposite is true.

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Protecting the Rights of Paternity Fraud Victims

Whether they accepted their role or disputed paternity testing, fathers are forced to provide financial support for the child. As months or years go by, many discover that they do not share a biological link with their child.

Alleged fathers come to our firm after being told that they were the father of a child when subsequent DNA testing proved otherwise. To protect those men that were deceived, the Texas legislature passed statutes that allow them to dispute paternity after the fact and possibly get out of child support agreements.

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