What to Do When You Get Pulled Over

An arrest for DWI does not mean that a conviction is automatic. Your conduct and the decisions you make during the initial stop could make a significant difference between a guilty verdict and charges being dismissed. At Vick Carney, we investigate all aspects of your DWI criminal case and ensure protection of your rights.

Asserting Your Rights While Being Cooperative and Courteous

It is important to know that you are being recorded starting with the initial stop. Regardless of any video or audio record, we encourage everyone to be polite and courteous in all conversations with law enforcement. We also recommend the following:

  • Pull over quickly at the first available safe area while signaling your intent to stop.
  • Turn off your engine and roll down your window.
  • While you should be civil, know that law enforcement is not on your side, nor is the officer your friend. No matter how nice a police officer acts after pulling you over, evidence is being gathered against you.
  • Provide your name, driver's license and proof of insurance as quickly as possible.
  • Exercise your right to remain silent when an officer asks you any incriminating questions regarding consumption of alcohol.
  • Regarding any sobriety or blood alcohol content (BAC) testing, defenses exist even if you submit to those tests. The administration of the test and the officer's training are significant factors. Breathalyzers must be properly calibrated. Poor chains of custody in blood or urine samples can lead to samples becoming contaminated.

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