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When back-to-school lands you back in court after divorce

As your summer vacation is winding down in Texas, you're probably doing the whole back-to-school shopping thing like most other parents of school-aged children. In fact, your children may already be back in class at their respective school locations. If you divorced over the summer, your current situation may be especially difficult; that is, back-to-school time might be even more challenging than usual. Hopefully, your former spouse is willing to cooperate and compromise whenever necessary to help your kids have a great school year.

You no doubt have thought ahead to what course of action you would take if some aspect of your divorce adversely affected your children's education. Perhaps there's an existing court order regarding custody and visitation that will intertwine with their sports activities or other school events. It's no easy task shuttling kids back and forth between separate households, keeping track of homework, backpacks and other school supplies, and basically just trying to keep the peace between you and their other parent to keep stress levels to a minimum.

Nesting: When home sweet home stays the same for kids of divorce

Like most Texas parents, you want what's best for your children. If your kids are well past their toddler stages, you probably have already noticed how unique each one is, as well as the fact that what choices you make to help one of them reach his or her full potential may not be the same for another. This is because no two situations (and no two children) are exactly the same; so, there's no one-size-fits-all solution to every problem.

When you told your children you were getting divorced, it no doubt had a strong emotional impact on them. Hopefully, you let them know right away that your marital decline was not their fault and that you loved them and wanted to help them adapt to their new lifestyle as best you can. Most child psychologists and other family advocates say children are highly adaptable and typically fare well in major life changes, like divorce, if they continue to have close relationships with both parents.

Fighting back when possession charges challenge your future

A conviction for a drug-related crime can have a significant impact on numerous areas of your life. Allegations alone can be stressful and intimidating, and if you are facing drug charges, you might be wondering what comes next.

If you stand accused of drug possession, there are numerous factors that may influence the subsequent process. With the weight of the potential consequences you face, you might find it advisable to prepare yourself for the road ahead by considering your options for defense.

No need for divorce wars: how about mediating a divorce?

If divorce is inevitable, you may be dreading the possibility of going through a drawn-out, acrimonious battle with your spouse. After all, you really just want to get the divorce proceeding over with as quickly as possible so you can both move on with your own lives. Fortunately, the latter is possible with mediation.

Divorce mediation is a process that allows a neutral third party to facilitate your and your spouse's dispute resolution. The mediator does this by promoting agreement between the two of you. Mediating a divorce offers a wide range of advantages over traditional litigation in Texas.

Underage DWI: A serious criminal charge for your minor child

When your child is in trouble, you will do anything in the world to protect his or her interests and help him or her in any way you can. If your child is facing charges related to underage driving while intoxicated, you would be wise to take quick action to help your kid preserve his or her future and mitigate potential penalties.

Texas takes a strong stance against drunk driving, and minors caught behind the wheel with any amount of alcohol in their system could face serious penalties. It is wise to secure legal help as soon as possible after an arrest, as an experienced attorney will best know how to appropriately handle this difficult situation.

Texas grandparents and custody rights

Grandparents play an important role in the lives of their grandchildren, and sometimes, it may be necessary for them to step in and provide care typically given by parents. In other situations, the divorce of the parents could compromise a healthy and vibrant relationship between the kids and their grandparents. Whatever the reason may be, you may be wondering if Texas law provides grandparents any legal rights to custody or visitation. 

In certain cases, grandparents may be able to secure visitation or custody rights. If you believe that it would be in the best interests of your grandchildren, you may take the appropriate steps to seek either visitation or custody. You will find it beneficial to speak with an attorney who can explain your options and help you achieve your legal objectives.

Serious penalties for underage drinking and driving in Texas

Underage drinking is a serious crime, and Texas has some of the strictest laws in the country regarding this type of behavior. If you are under the age of 21 and caught drinking and driving, the repercussions that can come against you are potentially life-altering and very serious.

How you proceed from this point could have a direct impact on your future. You would be wise to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney in order to confront these underage drinking charges in a way that is suitable for your unique situation. With help, you may be able to mitigate some of the penalties that you currently face.

Proper valuation crucial in divorces involving horse owners

From our Weatherford location, we regularly represent clients facing divorce who own horses for personal use or as part of their involvement in the horse industry in Parker County or surrounding areas. Proper valuation and classification of assets and property is crucial to a fair property division in divorce, so placement of an appropriate value on a horse must be carefully and expertly done.

A step back: Texas property classification and division

We will give a brief overview of Texas property division in divorce to put the horse-valuation question in context,

Three tips for anyone who gets stopped for a DWI in Texas

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a criminal charge that Texas officials take very seriously. Even a few drinks could provide officers with enough evidence to support these charges. As a result, it is beneficial for every driver in the state to have a basic idea of what to do if pulled over while driving after consuming any amount of alcohol:

Keeping the holidays special for your children after divorce

One of the hardest things about divorce when you have kids is the impact on family holiday traditions. Most families develop holiday customs that create lifelong memories and that everyone - especially children - looks forward to with anticipation every year.

A caring parent will be concerned about impacting the magic of holiday traditions for children when it becomes clear that a divorce is going to change the way holidays are celebrated. It can be difficult too not to want to keep the children to yourself on major holidays and not share them with the other spouse and his or her extended family. But in most cases, unless there is a reason it is not in the children's best interest, keeping relationships with both parents and their extended families is good for children's development and sense of security.

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